Summer Sea Concept

Mermaid concept
Mini-mermaids or giant sea horse?

Unsuspecting Passengers

passengers_sketchtimeAirline passengers can be excellent study subjects, as they’re often still for long periods of time.

London color study

Quick color study for stage musical set. Pen + digital.


Clichéd fantasy scene; brush pen over pencil. knight_akimbo

Imagined Portraits

Imagined portraits: water-soluble colored pencil; charcoal.



One “For the Birds”


Only realized long after this ArtCard sketch that Pixar’s “For the Birds” short was the inspiration! [click image for larger scan]

October Gargoyle


Small sketch in ColoErase, TiltShift, toned in PS.

Preserving pencil-on-paper details

Most modern illustration is digitally created due to tight advertising deadlines. For hand-drawn images however, basic digital filters (saturation, contrast, levels, colorization) can help accentuate pencil-on-paper detail.


Booty a Plenty

Technique suggestion: Prismacolor Col-Erase pencils are great for light lay-in. The convenient Pentel Brush Pen is great afterward for inking with varied line weights.


Your own Personal Tutor

hoover_charcoal_portraitOld sketchbooks are often left in a dark cabinet, helping only to sustain the local population of silverfish. But they contain endless training benefits for improving your skills and vision. Reviewing older work to note strengths and weaknesses, you can help improve future work. Reviewing this sketch from a few years ago, I see an improper neck angle, uneven texture levels (eyes lack crisp detail and focus), and some balance problems with the weight of the face. Reviewing a sketch even day or two later can give you a renewed direction.