Not So Spiny; Terrifying Nonetheless

Spinosaurus was one fascinating predator. Only recently discovered, and estimated at up to 18m long! What were the spines for; did they act as a sail, store fat, mating display, or heat dissipation?


Other half of the story

Sketch project for Art in Nature session, using separate paper & pens to depict exposed cactus from roots.

Cactus with roots

Summer Sea Concept

Mini-mermaids or giant sea horse?



Unsuspecting Passengers

passengers_sketchtimeAirline passengers can be excellent study subjects, as they’re often still for long periods of time.

London color study

Quick color study for stage musical set. Pen + digital.


Clichéd fantasy scene; brush pen over pencil. knight_akimbo

Imagined Portraits

Imagined portraits: water-soluble colored pencil; charcoal.



One “For the Birds”


Only realized long after this ArtCard sketch that Pixar’s “For the Birds” short was the inspiration! [click image for larger scan]

October Gargoyle


Small sketch in ColoErase, TiltShift, toned in PS.

Preserving pencil-on-paper details

Most modern illustration is digitally created due to tight advertising deadlines. For hand-drawn images however, basic digital filters (saturation, contrast, levels, colorization) can help accentuate pencil-on-paper detail.