Bored on a plane?

Make amoebas from the dredges of your tea cup!

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 11.22.11 AM

@ an advanced age…

It takes only a few marks to add decades to an invented character. Crows feet, heavier lids, skin irregularities can be convincing. The low angle cell phone pic adds some extra drama.


Stationary subjects

Sketching from life size sculpts is great practice. Only the light moves. Look for typical exaggerations in anatomy (extremely large hands, heads) that the sculptor uses to make the subject look more dramatic.

Quick portraits

Quick sketches of artist Faith, a mystery coffee drinker, and a pastel artist at work in Montmartre.


Scribbling, the magical gateway to character concepts

I find it challenging to loosen up my style for character invention. Drawing small, random shapes with a light Copic brush pen often helps. In this case, I happened to be sharpening a Colo-Erase, and spotted a shape that resembled a sort of swirling feline genii. I added a little push in Photoshop to bring out some dimension.


Jekyll-Hyde, A Strange Sketch

Fun imagining the transition from Dr. J. to Mr H.
Can you watch the transition without staring into his eyes?


Not So Spiny; Terrifying Nonetheless

Spinosaurus was one fascinating predator. Only recently discovered, and estimated at up to 18m long! What were the spines for; did they act as a sail, store fat, mating display, or heat dissipation?


Other half of the story

Sketch project for Art in Nature session at Lux Art Institute, using separate paper to distinguish the visible part of the cactus from its roots. During heavy rainfalls, some cactus can jettison small roots to limit water absorption.

Cactus with roots

Summer Sea Concept

Mini-mermaids or giant sea horse?



Unsuspecting Passengers

passengers_sketchtimeAirline passengers can be excellent study subjects, as they’re often still for long periods of time.